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Pilot mapping workshop Roeselare

On Tuesday the 19th of April, Roeselare organized the pilot mapping workshop developed by Open Lab Athens (OLA). Besides the internal project team consisting out of Jasmien Wellens and Gino Dehullu, the policy officers youth and participation, the project leader public domain responsible for playgrounds and someone of the youth council all took part in the workshop. The two main challenges we discussed in this session include the involvement of youngsters during participation moments and more concrete the group of 12 until 14 years old on the one side and broad participation with a broad target group to increase the quality and the support base of the citizens on the other side. After deciding about the main needs, we wrote down the basic concepts regarding the public administration internally and the impact on the citizens’ everyday life, followed by a description of keywords and related themes to end by mapping out the relevant stakeholders. This brainstorm methodology was very useful to analyze our policy needs and to obtain new insights. We are all looking forward to the next steps of this project!