Newsletter June 2022

Partner meeting @Roeselare

On the 11th and 12th of May, the knowledge institutions of the NLAB4CIT-projects (Open Lab AthensUNITO and Howest) came to Roeselare and Kortrijk to visit the Belgian partners. This partner meeting was organised by the city of Roeselare and Howest.

  • We visited a skatepark that was co-designed with the local youth officer and the skateboard community of Roeselare.
  • We visited the beautiful campus of Howest in Kortrijk. In this futuristic setting, time was foreseen for a coordinating meeting between the partners: what are their questions, possible stakeholders, possible technologies, next steps,…
  • After that, we received presentations from Howest about three applications of blockchain technology, varying from mobility to sports. This was followed by a presentation of the FairVille city-app.
  • In the afternoon, we visited the Digital Arts and Entertainment site of Howest. Several technologies were presented and showcased, including VR and procedural 3D. There is a growing inspiration to apply these technologies in the pilot projects!

Discover more about the partner meeting in this blogpost.

Workshop Collegno

On Friday the 17th of June, a workshop took place in Collegno with local stakeholders, the municipality of Collegno and UNITO. The objective of the meeting was to present the pilot idea to the local stakeholders and explain to them why they have been chosen to participate in this project (i.e. their presence in the park) in order to test their willingness to be engaged. Find out more in our blogpost!

Workshop Kaisariani

On Sunday the fifth of June, an NLAB4CIT-workshop took place in the Kaisariani Museum of National Resistance. The workshop was aimed at co-designing services for the local Volunteer Fire-fighting Group. This group is responsible for guarding the Kaisariani forest while it also conducts fire-fighting operations in the area and other areas in cooperation with the professional public fire-fighting sevice. More info in this blogpost.


A few weeks ago, project leader Jasmien visited together with Celine, the project leader of the public domain regarding leisure areas for children, the area they would like to redesign as a pilot project in NLAB4CIT. This area is called “Pastoorsbos” and is a green location in Roeselare. Currently, it is a leisure area for children of different ages already, but some spots are a bit outdated. More concrete, the goal is to split up the area into two parts: one part for younger children and the other for a bit older, which will include a more adventure touch with water.

Next steps

  • Roeselare: The next step is to concretize, together with Howest, which digital technology can be used during the participation track with the children.
  • Kaisariani is discovering a second pilot project. They will engage citizens in actions around the history of Kaisariani. One of the outputs will be a digital guide in the oral history of Kaisariani. Students will be involved to educate students on qualitative research with digital tools. FirstLife, the tool that is also used in Collegno, will also be applied in this pilot project.
  • In September, the NLAB4CIT work will be presented at the Open Living Lab Days in Turin. The NLAB4CIT partners will take this opportunity to organise a consortium meeting and to have network events with similar projects.

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