Local Labs

Workshop Collegno

On Friday the 17th of June, a workshop took place in Collegno with local stakeholders, the municipality of Collegno and UNITO. The objective of the meeting was to present the pilot idea to the local stakeholders and explain to them why they have been chosen to participate in this project (i.e. their presence in the park) in order to test their willingness to be engaged.

The local stakeholders who were present consisted of two cultural and recreational associations, two social enterprises, a representative from the Youth Board of Collegno, and a community developper. They were explained that the focus of the pilot will be the Dalla Chiesa Park in Collegno and the young people (14 – 19 y.o.) as main beneficiaries. 

The first part of the workshop aimed at getting to know all the participants.

Each participant introduced him/herself addressing three points:

  1. How is their organisation linked to the park / with other organisations
  2. What is missing to the park
  3. What is mostly appreciated of the park

The answers were the following: 

  1. How is their organisation linked to the park
  • Most of the organistions are interlinked between each other in some way, but there is not an official networking platform; 
  • For example: the high school is hosting Terracorta for laboratories of environmental educations, the ARCI has halls that are used by other associations for meetings or events, etc..
  • Many organisations have their headquarters in the park (also the municipality);
  • The municipality is refurbishing the “Padiglione 14” that could become a “place of informality” for young people on the example of COMALA (Turin) with different services. 
  1. What is missing to the park
  • A place where to stay at nighttime. The kiosk could also be used during the evening
  • A place where to study
  • The network between the different associations that could enhance each other’s activities
  • Road signs!
  • A valorisation of the “informal” use of the park
  • A “valorisation” / a new narrative of the history of the park and its buildings (it was a former psychiatric hospital) 
  • The possibility to visit many of the structures of the park during weekends
  1. what is mostly appreciated of the park
  • Its “openness”
  • the history 
  • the possibility to be a multifunctional place (you can come to study, to play, to do sports, to go to a concert, to attend an event)

The second part of the workshop was about introducing the technologies. The UNITO team presented FirstLife and Commonshood and answered to the questions and doubts and discussed possible uses of the two technologies: 

  • Firstlife is a local social network based on a newsfeed paired with an interactive map. Citizens can publicly post news, activities, places, events and create groups with the coordination tools such as questionnaires and chats. The aim is to foster cooperation by connecting people that live or work in the same place to regenerate it.
  • CommonsHood is a wallet app based on blockchain. It promotes an Internet of Values 2.0 approach that allows citizens to create their own types of tokens to support the local economy: discount coupons, purpose-driven tokens (es. to reward volunteers), time banks, digital collectibles, group buying and complementary currencies.